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Bringing Dance and Music to Boost Social and Cognitive Development

Bringing Dance and Music to Boost Social and Cognitive Development
Jodie is passionate for Dance and Music and is also a qualified Ballet, musical theatre and pre-school music & dance Teacher. 
She has worked in some amazing productions including Mamma Mia - London. 

We are very lucky to have Jodie here on board at Banana Moon, where she brings in Music sessions throughout our Nursery to Babies (3months-2yrs) Mini Rooms (2-3yrs) Full Moons (3-5yrs), here the children are introduced to a variety of musical styles and will have the opportunity to play musical instruments to stimulate their sense of rhythm.  Jodie also brings Ballet Bunnies (Aged 2,3 & 4), which are story led class sessions using props, creative music and of course their wonderful imaginations !

Jodie Believes 'It's so important for children to have a fun filled space where they can build confidence, social skills and use their energy. A music and dance session are a great opportunity for your child to boost their social and cognitive development.'

@BananaMoon - 3 years ago


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